There are a lot of ways to change history by changing one story.  And when you care for the discarded, your story will be changed too.  Adopt. Foster. Offer respite care. Babysit for an adoptive or foster family. Become a CASA. Serve the unadopted. Advocate.

Ever considered serving internationally on a short-term mission trip? Visit Orphan Outreach to learn more about ministry opportunities in Guatemala, India, Russia, and Honduras. Buckner International also offers trips to Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, Honduras, and even Israel and Egypt. Red Page Ministries takes teams to Romania to work with the House of Joy. And Show Hope serves the orphaned in China at Maria’s Big House of Hope.

If you have a passion to serve the discarded on a long-term basis, Eagle’s Nest International provides loving care to orphans and children in the Solola region of Guatemala with their children’s home and school. You can sponsor an orphan, provide a scholarship to a student, or help feed the poor. And Eagle’s Nest offers short- and long-term mission opportunities for individuals, families, and churches.

We’ll share more ideas on a regular basis. And we’d love to hear from you too! What ways have you found to care for the discarded? What organizations do you work with?



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