3 Aug

In just a few hours, the journey begins – again. I leave for Romania, to serve with Red Page Ministries. It seems like only yesterday that I was traveling there for the first time, and falling in love with the country and her people. This time, though, I won’t braving the bitter cold with teenagers who were selected to attend a youth camp nestled in the mountains of Transylvania. There will be no ski areas or cozy hotels.

This journey takes me to the heart of the 31 impoverished rural villages served by Red Page and House of Joy. Together with a team of folks from First Baptist Levelland (a community in West Texas) and a trusted friend from Austin who has traveled with me to Guatemala two times, we’ll deliver humanitarian aid to orphanages and laugh with children and carry groceries down dirt roads to farmhouses filled with families who simply need.


We toss the word around with such little care here in the United States – using it to describe a spa treatment, fashion trend, or super-sized meal. Want just seems too small a word for our desires.

But few of us really understand need. We haven’t gone without meals. We haven’t had to walk to a community well to fetch water. We can’t comprehend a home without plumbing. We don’t know what it’s like to see each day as another day with never enough.

So as the clock ticks ever closer to the dawn, I pray. I pray for the faces I’ll see, the stories I’ll hear. I pray for hearts – theirs and mine. I pray to be captivated. And I pray to understand – really understand – need.

Will you pray with me, for me, for our team – and for those we will serve? Pray our eyes – and our arms – are fully open…



One Response to “Need.”

  1. Alisha August 3, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    Knowing you and your tender heart, I know you’ll be touched, humbled, broken and shimmer with HIS glory all the while. I’ll be praying all the while you’re there.

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