(G)local missions at their sweetest.

12 Jul

Caring for the discarded, the hurting, the lonely, the rejected? Yes, it can be a very sweet thing. This is something Courtney and I have done for three years here in Austin, Texas. Every year, we end up with happy tears and full hearts. We can’t wait for Camp NomNom…there’s nothing more fun than being a food fairy.

This year's invitation.

Our first year, two high school girls helped prepare food and treats for single moms living at a local shelter. Last year, the original two became our team leaders and helped 15 high school girls made everything from cookies to cupcakes and candy to deliver to families and local ministries. This year, our goal is even more food fairies. We’ve already got some grown-up team leaders donning their wings to help make the day amazing – for both the girls and for those they bless.

If you’re interested in learning more about CampNomNom, send us a message!



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