(un)Commonly Discarded.

10 Jun

Creamy macaroni & cheese. Messy sloppy joes. Homemade cinnamon rolls. And always, veggies and fruit thrown in for good measure. Am I on a mission trip? You’d better believe it.

Ministry tools - of a different sort.

Today, I journey to Orange Beach, Alabama, to lead the small but mighty TeamFood as we serve 150 high school students and adult leaders from our church in Austin, Texas. We will stay in beautiful condos overlooking a pristine beach and clear turquoise water. Our kids will be treated to outstanding teaching and worship through StudentLife each day, and will then sit under the glow of tiki torches as they gather together for singing, prayer, and words of encouragement from our Student Ministry team. Each kid will be bathed in the hard, amazing beauty of the Gospel. There will be laughter, tears, hope, brokenness, restoration, forgiveness.

Under the tiki torches.

I know. This is a blog about the discarded. So why do I care about a bunch of kids from nice Texas neighborhoods who have everything they need and more besides? Why would I waste my time serving them when I could be serving the poor? The answer’s simple.

They ARE poor. They ARE the discarded too.

Don’t let the external trappings fool you. Don’t let the pretty family pictures deceive you. The discarded are found everywhere. This week, I’ll sit with them and listen to their loneliness, their fear, their need for a real family.

Today, pray the Lord show you the discarded in uncommon places. Your mission field may be your very own back yard.


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