To my friend, the thief.

3 Jun

True confession: Courtney is a thief – of hearts and of stuff. And this is a post about stuff.

Now before you start thinking “guess I need to hide things when she comes to visit,” please know the stuff she’s interested in stealing isn’t stuff you’d have on display. Court loves little reminders of her journeys, and she finds her reminders along roads or in trash heaps. Her love for discarded things is a picture of her love for discarded people.

Most often, her reminders are added to a little bowl in her home. They stir her heart to pray. This time, the reminder was piece of rusted metal, being used by a small child to dig in dirt, which had been transformed into a painter’s palette as our team made a garden of flowers from a cinderblock wall at Cerecaif in Guatemala.

Court is now checking off all the final details for her first trip to Uganda – her first-ever journey to the other side of the globe. She’s excited and nervous and hopeful and already preparing for her heart to be broken in brand new ways. We’ve been praying and praying and praying more as she packs. Her early morning email says it all.

I finally painted some words. Thought I’d try to paint so I could stop spinning. Couldn’t decide what to paint, then realized it just needed to be words. Found my canvas in the bag with my paints.

A shiny reminder on top of crusty paint, rust, more rust & jagged sheet metal… now I can finally breathe.

Thanks for taking care of me…And for never saying anything when I steal things from the places we go.

We love because He first loved us. Yes, Courtney, you do. In Guatemala. In Mexico. In Lousiana. In Austin, Texas. And now, in Uganda. I love you, sweet friend – and I can’t wait to see what you steal next.



One Response to “To my friend, the thief.”

  1. Alisha June 3, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Ilook forward to meeting her in “real” life!

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