Sweet Moments – Little Samantha (guest post)

30 May

Ashley Davidson is a student at Texas Tech. Her ever-present laughter and beautiful sense of wonder are captivating, and she is truly a “kid magnet.” You can read more of Ashley’s observations about love and life on her blog, Love Encounters.

I just might have to blog twice today. lots of time, quiet time and lots of goodness. But first I want you to meet Samantha.

Samantha lives at Evita’s. Evita is a native Guatemalan. She works for Hogar, the government orphanage and runs a transition home for girls who have aged out of the orphanage or who have children. Yes, she is a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. and because of her obedience Samantha and her mother Topacio have a safe place to live and grow.

Samantha’s mother is 12 years old. Samantha is 18 mos. Samantha’s biological father, is also her grandfather. But praise be His, that He makes all things beautiful for His glory. Samantha was a little shy when we first got ready to play, but she sat content. Like most 18 month old kiddos Samantha got a little sleepy and fussy in the afternoon. And Jesus had this moment set just for me, Him and sweet little Samantha.

We went upstairs to her room. And yes, I had every intention of laying her down, walking away, and letting her cry a little til she slept. but with that sweet face things were a little different. I got to hold her. sing in her ear songs of worship. Worship to a God that I can trust His sovereignty in every part of my life. and hers. I’m thankful that I serve a God who can be trusted in the midst of what seems so unbearable and horrific. In that quiet room in Antigua Guatemala. I held Samantha, but He held us both. in a beautiful romance, embraced by His love and kindness. and both redeemed because of His greatness.


One Response to “Sweet Moments – Little Samantha (guest post)”

  1. Alisha May 30, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Oh my – my heart is ripped to pieces and filled with wonder – all at the same time.

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