18 Nov

I love how God has woven our senses together so beautifully – and how a photo or a fragrance can say things no vocabulary can begin to touch.  Today, I am in a “no words can adequately describe” place – and I couldn’t be more thankful. Because today my heart is so very full of tender moments triggered by sight, sound, smell, touch.

Smelling these

Peanut butter miracles, being baked at CasaRock.

makes me remember this

Peanut butter miracles being served at Evita's house in Guatemala. The girls learned to make them, and now can sell them to make money to purchase things for their transition home.

Seeing this

Special art on the jeans I'm wearing today to paint wooden Christmas trees at church.

reminds me of this

The school in Santiago that is making a difference in the lives of children - and the village. We painted classrooms there.

And listening to this

takes me here

Little Ana at the Orphan Hospital in St Petersburg. We danced. I didn't want to say "goodbye."

What treasures are in your heart, just waiting to be revealed and shared?

We’d love to know.



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