11 Nov

At the Transition Home in Antigua, Guatemala.

It’s no secret how much I love to dance. The picture is from our last trip to Guatemala – my sweet friend Tricia and I were a blur on more than one occasion.

This morning, I read some of my favorite passages of scripture from James. JB Phillips’ paraphrase, which encourages us to embrace trials as if they are friends, has always resonated with me. This time, the Lord revealed another precious picture of hard times and hard places. He’s good that way – to paint His own words in beautiful ways, using whatever medium He chooses to point us to His timeless truth. Today, He paints with dance. And yes, the little girl in red velvet was me – it’s one of the best memories I have of my dad.

“Be sure to dance just a little when trials come to court you. They are there for good purpose, and they shouldn’t be anything you fear. Your faith will breathe in new life when you take their hand and begin to move in unison. There’s a rhythm to be found in the awkward stumbling, and with a little patience you’ll soon discover it.
The dance is precious and tender, like sixth graders at Cotillion or a little girl in red velvet and shiny shoes following every step her dad makes just a bit smaller while they move to the band at a fancy restaurant.

And if you have two left feet, you simply need to ask the Lord of of the Dance. He knows the steps and the music and even the trials that have asked for your hand in the first place. He will cause those feet to move in time. He will place His hand under your chin to keep your eyes set on Him rather than the dance floor. And he will place a smile on your face – like a crown.” ~James, in the key of Ronne

Today, remember to dance.

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    […] A sweet friend gave both to me today at lunch. We have served together at our church, and we have experienced adventures caring for orphans in Guatemala. She’s seen me at my best, and she’s seen me wrecked and broken. The gifts aren’t simply a toy and a book – they are reminders of sweet children’s faces and cute fleece caps and a little guy with a funny voice and dancing. […]

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