7 Nov

Our journey to Guatemala was made complete by the team of beautiful people who joined us. Jean Clark is a pediatric nurse in Florida, and this is our second time to serve together in Guatemala. We’re thankful to share her words today as our guest blogger.

Jean with one of the sweet orphans at Cerecaif outside Xela, Guatemala.

Life is fragile.

No one gets to pick where we are born or to what set of parents we are born to. Only God in his infinite wisdom is able to choose. His choice is to place us in a family which is supposed to reflect the harmony found in the  relationships – like the relationship between the Father ,Son (Matt.11;27) and the Holy Spirit. Like Christ and the church.( Eph 5;31-32). It takes 3 – a mother, a father, and a child to make a family.

However, so many children have not even developed completely in the mothers womb, when the father leaves them. Then due to who knows what circumstances, the mother also must give this child up. These children are the faces of those abandoned in Guatemala and so many other places in the world. They are left to be raised by each other and by care givers who try to offer some shelter and stability in their lives.  God bless them, for they are overwelmed by a responsibility that was never meant to be theirs to begin with.  These children however, where ever they are found, are not abandoned by God.  He knows each one of them by name- even the hairs on each head are counted.  He made each one unique with different talents.  They have a Father in Heaven who is crazy about them!  Oh how worthy they are! God has a purpose and a plan for each life ( Jer. 29;11). This is my prayer or each one of them: that they will find the Savior and that He will reveal to them the Father so they will come to know the true meaning of a Father’s love – the way it was meant to be.

I appreciate the opportunity to share this love, not only with the orphans of the world, but with my fellow man.  Maybe someday we can glimpse the Harmony intended for us.


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